Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells on the skin outermost layer while facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments for the face includes: steaming, exfoliating, extracting, masks, massage etc.

  They are usually performed in beauty rooms and are commonly known as spa treatments or facial treatments.

Facials are not only designed to exfoliate the skin but are meant to rejuvenate, invigorate then help to refresh the skin and bring it back to life.

Meanwhile, people have little or no idea of facial benefits to the skin , they just bump into a beauty room to get their facials done while others do it base on what they were told  without further questioning.  Therefore, the purpose of facials is for deep cleansing by having the pores opened for whatever treatment we use to be active.

Been an esthetician, I try to interview my clients by creating an open door for consultations in order to know about their body system or things they have used in the past before further procedure but most beauticians don’t do this, they just give prescription base on products available or what a clients really want at that time without getting to know what really suit their skin but undergoing a skin test helps to identify what exactly the problem is which could be enzyme, acne, pimples, skin discoloration, black heads, white heads, sensitive skin etc. In doing this, necessary steps will be taken immediately and it will also be away forward for both the clients and the esthetician.