This is almost half of the year and we are yet to see the wedding invitation card of our dear diva Benita Nzeribe. We believe that December this year would not pass without her sweetheart walking her to the altar. When ‘Chit-chat’ had an interview with her sometime last year, she said that s-o-o-n she would settle down and she would invite us. She said she is patriotic about her country Nigeria so much that her choice of man is not ‘Oyinbo’ but a Nigerian. That is a good choice. We have capable men here ‘abi’? But the question now is what is delaying the man now? What? Why I’m concerned is that Benita is one of the acts with numerous fans who wish her well. And I happen to be one of them. Another thing is that a woman’s journey to menopause which of course is the final bus stop starts once she starts menstruating. Oh yes that’s the fact. And that ‘bus stop’ honestly is no respecter of status. It doesn’t care whether you are a celebrity, a diva, how many films or movies you can churn out in a year or how well you can act. Bennie make hey while the sun shines. We are honestly praying for you.