Bobrisky has unfollowed McGalaxy on Instagram after being the subject of a public diss from the singer.


McGalaxy had, at his album listening party, dissed Bobrisky when he performed a song off his new album, MMM and in the song he said:

After 9 months, we born twins ofine fine baby, we no go born Bob..ri..we no go born
Bob rie too risky.

The singer’s audience laughed at the ridicule of Bobrisky and Mc Galaxy posted the video on IG for his fans who could not attend his listening party.

After the video went viral, Bobrisky unfollowed the singer and deleted a photo of McGalaxy on his IG, where he had captioned McGalaxy as his 8th bae.

Before the fallout of the two, McGalaxy and Bobrisky had a good public relationship and the singer featured the bleaching expert in his Oya Snap O video, Shupe Dance challenge.

Later on, he attended the male barbie’s housewarming party in March while Bobrisky diligently promoted the Sekem crooners songs on his Snapchat account.

Some of Bobrisky’s fans and non fans have come for Mc Galaxy for his latest action.