Sophies claim to fame:producer hubby Tchidi Chikere.

Oges claim to fame:dem say nah nollywood!

On sunday june 14,2009 a group of young and married women who go by the name of ‘love angels’had a baby shower for one of their own in mende (maryland)and in attendance was oge and sophie.check this out”sophie was garbed in a short dress and she looked nice and was very friendly to the amazement of everyone.oge arrived the venue garbed in what is referred to as very very hot shorts with hairstlye so high it could almost touch the sky but she was very cold and not as receptive as sophie.she and sophie did not talk at all and seemed to be in competition of some sort at the venue and everyone noticed the animosity between them.and they seemed to be competing when everyone was a mini show of shame”.

please ladies,nah wetin dey happen?why the bad blood?please if you see them ask them”what is this bad belle about?anything stella needs to know?

By Stella DK