Gbenga Adeyinka I, the comedian of the Republic as he loves to call himself, is one of the most talented guys on the scene. This dude has gotten both fame and fortune from making people laugh. Adeyinka, like some other stand up comedians, has been able to mould himself into a Master of Ceremonies. In fact, many observers are of the opinion that while comedians have selfishly encroached into the territory of events MC, hard core comperes haven’t shown any interest in being part-time comedians. This situation has led to a debate; we dare say one will never have a winner. Never the less, the argument about event organisers engaging both comedian and MC again came up at the Abuja edition of Star Mega Jam, held on Saturday. The Old Parade Ground, venue of the musical concert nearly became a court of a sort with folks divided into two groups over the comedian for the night. Some said Adeyinka should have been hired as the comedian, that he should have told his jokes at intervals, while a compere handled the show. This group further pointed out that Adeyinka in his gregarious manner almost killed the fun as he would not allow DJ Humility flow with music.

“Either he was singing along or he would stop the DJ to say one thing or the other,” complained a fan. Another group said that Adeyinka did just fine. “He was only trying to keep the crowd in a party mood, while artistes prepared to come on stage. So, you expect him to just talk and keep quiet?” We are not going to make ourselves judges here, as there are no hard and fast rules to handling shows. But we can answer two simple questions. Can crowd dynamics be over bearing? Yes. Can it be said that an MC went too far by calling a girl to stage and both of them get into one of the Kauma Sautra positions all in a bid to entertain the crowd? Yes.