Nigerians have begun to wonder why Thin Tall Tony who has been married for years with two children would allow unsuspecting housemate Bisola to give him the head.

A lot of people were bewildered when the two got down the sheet to perform the act. We all know that Bisola is a single mother who has raised up hopes towards TTT with the thoughts that things may work out between them after they leave the BBN.

But Thin Tall Tony seems to be secretive about his marital status. He really wants to make it out with Bisola who does not know that he has a beautiful wife with two lovely kids.

It is going to be heart breaking if Bisola eventually learns that TTT has a family. What is he really playing at? Is he trying to toil with Bisola’s Emotion? Even when he was asked if he was a single man, he responded in a very subtle manner,” By the Grace of God”.

Let us see what will become of their relationship and what will be the reaction of TTT wife outside the BBN. Although report has it that she has disabled all comments in her social media page.