It is not everyone who is as gifted as Big Sheff when it comes to handling trolls. Sometimes, the comments of trolls can get on the nerves of celebrities and you see them fight like wounded lions. Well, Big Sheff who happens to be the son of Queen Salawa Abeni didn’t allow a troll to have the last laugh.

Big Sheff was insulted by the guy but the rapper sarcastically encouraged the troll to attend more of his shows so he can annoyn him the more. ‘When you could rather Hala at a lot of hot girls on IG, you decided to slide into my DM. It’s allowed. I’ll be performing tonight my ni66a. Come watch me act very STUPID and CLUMSY again and then get paid,’ he wrote. ‘Emi ode?? Ok o. It’s also allowed. Sha come and watch and let me annoy you some more. Since you were there last night then I’m sure you heard the crowd say “iyalaya anybody” with me so once again “IYALAYA ANY M***F***ING BODY”. I’m not going to make you famous”