Bimbola Akintola: The problem of domestic violence in Nigeria has gradually grown to ‘Maturity stage’ where it’s difficult to eradicate. While many agencies and individuals have been fighting endlessly to put a total stop to domestic violence, it appears to be less effective.

Many women have lost their lies due to been violated by their spouse as never cried out or let people into what they were going through.

It’s been advice by several NGOs that a man shouldn’t remain in an abusive relationship as she deserves more than being a man’s punching bag.

This has gotten seasonal actress, Bimbola Akintola to address the issue where she advised that domestic violence victims should learn to speak out.

She further blamed this wicked attitude of these men on their mothers for failing to inculcate good values on their kids.

She said: “They grew up seeing their parents beating up their spouses. Some other people who indulge in it may be having serious issues with their ego. There are many reasons why there is physical abuse in some homes. And I don’t think it is possible to get rid of the vice

It is important for those who are in abusive relationships to understand that they are not at fault and they need to seek help. It is most important that they go out there and talk to people. If you don’t feel comfortable, helplines are now available. A lot of NGOs now work with women and men who have been battered.”