It is all about fashion, creativity, expression and trying to bring out what God has placed in your

heart, says Bimbo Adebajo of Bimbo’s Beads, a bead jewellery making and training outfit.

According to Bimbo, she does beads because her hands can create things and she is passionate about designs and how ladies mix their accessories. She likes working with beads because they are attractive and there are a lot of colours to play around with.

Bimbo says one thing that differentiates her from other bead makers is her originality and uniqueness. She works uniquely with her style. She says she brings designs out the way she sees them. To her, it is about originality and how creative you can be and not the volume of designs you make.

Bimbo concludes by saying her beads are of international standard and she repairs as well as strings new beads.