Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi  has gotten married to  his  British lover, Anthony. Alimi’s friends held a Halloween-themed Bachelor’s Night for him.  

Alimi who has been keeping his friend updated as the wedding day to his fiance, Anthony gathered momentum, kept his fans posted before the wedding.

He reveals  his excitement during the wedding “In the presence of friends and family from around the world, Anthony and I will say ‘I Do’. But we remember places in the world where love is (a) crime.”

He once said that he is not a woman “I am sure @denrele_edun will remember this event. We were acting for Atiku’s wife while she was visiting. Many times after that, I have dressed up. I dressed up hosting many gay parties in #Lagos.

In 1999, as a very young 24-years old, I won the glamorous Miss Gay Lagos. It was an honour. As a man (yes, just in case some of you are confused) wearing a dress and heels and stockings is liberating for me.I am not a woman and I do not want to be a woman. When I wear dresses, I wear them as a man and this is why it is very liberating for me. It connects with my vulnerability.As an African man, there is an expectation of what it means to be a man. Wearing a dress is also a statement of fuck you to patriarchy. I don’t do conformity. I live in my head and in my world.”