Controversial gay Activist, Bisi Alimi is one of the most disliked Nigerian, not just because of his sexuality but because of his constant provocative words.

Been gay is enough for someone to face negativity mostly in a country or continent where Gay or same sex marriage is abominable.

With different threats of never returning to Nigeria by some Nigerians, the activist who fled the country to the U.S for his dear life has been attacking Nigerians over religious believes recently.

His recent post was all about him saying, he is looking forward to a day, Africans all over the continent would burn their Qurans and bibles.

This we all know is impossible, so it’s expected that he continues to dream for a day that will never come to pass.

In his words: “ I look forward to the day Africans across the continent will gather their  bibles and Qurans and burn them at the market place, while we go in search of who and what our real and authentic selves are.”

Please! One word for him?