If you are in love with somebody and the person says “I don’t want you anymore”, you must understand that you can still find a person who will love you. You must not feel that your life is over. If a person says he doesn’t love you, it means he or she is not meant for you. If the person can leave you for somebody else before marriage, it means he or she can do it again at the middle of the marriage.

If a person leaves you and says “I don’t want you” or breaks your heart, that is an indication that no matter what you are feeling, this person is not meant to be your husband or your wife. So, why cry over spilt milk? Why cry over something you can’t do anything about?

In a case where somebody officially declares intentions to walk out of your life and actually does so, respect the person. That’s a person that is saying “I am serious minded. I am not a jester and a fraudster. I have a goal and a vision, and I do not see you in that vision. I don’t love you and I don’t want to deceive you” is better than “I love you” that is fake.

Don’t protest and say: “If you don’t marry me, you will never be happy.” You will only irritate and put off the person further. This is not a situation that anyone aspires to attain. This is why you need to carry God along with a close relationship before making the delicate decision to endorse someone as a lifetime partner.

Also, if you are going to step out of somebody’s life, respect that individual. Don’t treat God’s fearfully and wonderfully made creature like a piece of trash. The law of nemesis still works

Again, as a lady, avoid assumptions in a relationship. Always define relationships. Do not say: “Well, everybody knows that this guy is my guy. We are always together, do things together and the whole town and neighbourhood knows this.” You say this without any official discussion about marriage or even intimate relationship with the guy in question. Look, the day the guy will give you his bad news (innocently of course, because he never knew there was any such thing going on), you may not be able to handle it.

Although, you could accuse him of lying if fornication had been involved, you are at the losing end as a lady. So, communicate frankly and let things be defined. Sister, brother, ask in clear terms: “What exactly are we doing?” before you start parading someone as your guy or lady.

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