Singer, K. Michelle is presently disappointed with fellow black community in the universe saying they complain a lot.

 In a series of tweets, she says she feels for black women even as she declared that black people should stop complaining of racial profiling because they too are guilty of the same crime “I am a black woman fighting for them and they slander for nothing OFTEN,” she said, adding,

“How can we complain of racial profiling and discrimination when we are just as guilty of the same crimes towards each other?”

This is not the first that the “Bury My Heart” singer is taking to social media to drive home her point. Recall in June she tried to pick a fight with Nicki Minaj, accusing the rapper of snatching a song off her album because Minaj felt she(Michelle) was having an affair with Meek Mill.

Her rants gathered attention, she dragged Minaj, accused her of blocking her success because of “penis”. But Nicki Minaj never obliged with a response.