Blaise, an ex member of popular group, Da trybe and a former contestant in the Hennessy Artistry who took a leave from the musical scene after churning out singles and doing collaborations with MI, Mode-Nine, Cobhams, Sasha, Bouqui, Kemistry, Freestyle, Nikki Laoye and Keffi is back!

Blaise came into the music industry in 2002 and took a leave in 2003 to pursue a masters degree in the UK. She returned to the country in 2005 and has concluded plans to release an album, tentatively titled Love and Power. The multi talented rapper who plays the guitar, has also revealed that her forthcoming album will be a ten tracked album that will have doses of singing, rapping and poetry.

Speaking as to what should be expected from the new album that features Amaka of the Thoroughbreeds, Blaise disclosed that, “Yes there will be more of poetry there will also be more of the musical Blaise, I am a composer and a producer, I thank God for the gift, I also play guitar, I just felt like it is very unfair of me to have all of these gifts and not have a place to express them; and I felt very boxed in the whole rap thing, I just needed to expand my horizon so I’m going to be doing more musical things and more poetic things.

Giving an hint as to what has been happening with her in recent times, Blaise said, “I have been working on my album, I have been trying to define my sound, also trying to define the direction I want to take my music its taking a while, it’s been a very painstaking process but I have finally arrived at a place of some kind of comfort where I am comfortable with what I am doing and my identity as an artist which is being a poet, people know me as a rapper but there is a whole lot more to me musically than that and that is what I have been trying to put out , I have been working on songs that will show case that more in greater light.

Blaise however disclosed that she is not planning to go into commercial music, “I have been considering the commercial side for years up till now and it didn’t lead me anywhere. It’s all a gamble for everybody. Not everybody who is doing music commercially has hit it big time. So, it’s a gamble for everybody. If you are doing something one way and it’s not working, then you need to change your tactics. But lucky enough for me, I have more than just rap to offer. So, there is no saying that it’s not going to be commercially successful. It’s an experiment and I really have faith that it’s going to be successful.” She revealed.

Born Obafunke Martins, Blaise is a rapper, lyricist, composer, spoken word poet , she cut her lyrical teeth as a member of the once popular group, Da Trybe and since after that romance with music, the graduate of Architectural Technology has not looked back writing her name in gold on the mind of rap lovers with singles like “The Definition” and “Bragging Rights”. Blaise has composed and produced music for television and theatre productions, and also featured in MTV Base’s Advance Warning in 2008. She has gotten nominated for the Hip Hop awards several times.