Nigerian reggae and dance-hall artiste, Burna Boy seems to be bored as he hasn’t been in the news recently.

Looking for a means for his name to be heard or talked about he came up with a stunt, saying he is quitting music in October.

Remember another artiste who did something similar is Nigerian Rapper, Eva Alordiah.

Isn’t it funny? we all know this is not real, as we have experienced this deceit from some other artiste in the past.

In his words: “Thinking of quitting music for real after d 1st of October maybe.”

This angered some followers who were sure it was a mere publicity as they urged him to quit today itself  for he wouldn’t be missed at all in the industry.

Responding to what they said, he further went on to rant some more.  He said: “I would quit if it was just me but I got brothers that’s Died for this and I got people who took their undying love for me and my music to the grave. My 1/10/16 concert in London would be a great way to say goodbye though. On the contrary it will only b d beginning of new levels unlocked.”