Living Legend of Nigerian music, 2face Idibia has declared that his love and respect for ace Nigerian cinematographer, Clarence Abiodun Peters. 2face or 2baba was speaking on the set of his recently released music video “Holy Holy”.

When asked why he commissioned Clarence Peter to interpret the visuals of the songs instead of considering another cinematographer; considering the fact that Peters has directed scores of videos for him. The award wining singer replied “after I finished the song and gave the lyrics a second thought; I discovered that the message the song carried can only be brought to live by the man Clarence Peters. because he knows what he is doing and is simply the best at it that is why I always love engaging hpm to shoot my videos.” he enthused .

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2face also explained the message of the song “Holy Holy” and also talked about the inspiration of the song “What the song is basically saying is just before you judge any one, take a look at your own life and fix it, even when you are not judging anyone, you need to look inward and ask yourself honest questions about your life not going about life in deceit. On the inspiration of the song I discovered that a lot of people are fake today, social media has not been helping matters. People are practically living a lie”. So that is why I did the song.

A close a look at some scenes of the video shows 2baba standing in the middle of a crowd of people who were throwing stones at him and are dressed in different Nigerian cultural outfits and dressed as different professionals, while 2baba struggled to explained himself to the crowd. This narrative for this writer is 2face reply to his critics who took him to the clears for shelving a planned protest against the present All Progressive Congress (APC) government earlier in the years.