Bovi and rap artiste and actor, Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana are not happy! The reason for this about a proposed bill which advocates the formation of the Motion Picture Practitioners Council of Nigeria (MOPICON), the bill would ensure that only those who are members can post motion pictures on the social media.

Trust Bovi, he will always post videos on any of the social media platforms and may not want someone to hover around him like a vulture.

It was during the 4th edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference held at the Landmark Convention Centre, Oniru, Lagos, on April 20th 2016,  that the matter was seriously criticized and rejected

‘Falz said “How can you say if someone wants to post motion pictures on YouTube, Instagram or facebook they have to join a council? The MOPICON Bill is ridiculous”  he queried.  Bovi and many other entertainers insisted that it will restrict creativity. This bill was initiated 10 years ago and was supposed to regulate the quality of Nollywood movie production but it was suspected that someone doctored it.

The majority have the final say in the matter and the bill didn’t survive the day. Now, Bovi and Falz can now do as they wish when it comes to posting motion videos online