Comedian Bovi Ugboma who was involved in a controversial statement that he is richer than celebrities who have gotten endorsement deals has come to clear the air, being one of the hottest comedians in Nigeria and ready to blast London with BOVI MAN ON FIRE’ on May 26, 2014 at Bankers holiday, he speaks freely about his life and career with Hiphopmagazine and claims he doesn’t have any competitor because everyone has their own strength.

Bovi said “I was quoted out of context and it was so annoying because the people who quoted me out of context had the video to see. They tried to be sensational and that’s why they put it like that. I was really pissed off I granted that interview to Soar Naija. Soar Naija did not put it with that headline. They gave it a very professional heading, its desperate bloggers that went there and changed the heading.

He added I’m not the kind of person who even talks like that so I shrugged it off. The video is out there for everyone to see. I was talking about myself, I didn’t use the word celebrity, I didn’t say I earn more than anybody, I was talking about the deals I had done. I was just trying to make it clear that the deals I had done in the last one year paid me more because there are deals I walked away from that wanted me to represent brands, so what I did paid me more than those deals, not like I’m saying that it pays more to be the machinery as against being associated with the brand. That was not what I was trying to say.”

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