Report has it that Nigerian Boxing champion; Batch Ali is lying in pains in an undisclosed hospital after been brutalized.

He was allegedly brutalized by the policemen attached to the minister of sports, Solomon Dalung.

This was said to have occurred when Bash Ali and some members of LOC paid a visit to the minister after allegedly been called upon by the minister to visit.

He was said to have been kicked on the ribs causing him to lose consciousness and was as well hit on the head with the butt of a riffle.

Lying on his sick bed, the legend has who claims to have spoken to his lawyer says he would be taking legal actions against the minister who he thinks is trying to frustrate  the ‘Guinness Record boxing championship’ he is organizing.

Disclosing more, he also said that Dalung had been plotting to cut a deal for himself with the sponsors of his championship, ‘the Bank of Industry and NEXIM Bank’.

In his words: “last Friday, the Perm Sec told us the minister said we should come on Monday. We were excited and I and some members of the LOC went to the ministry. We got there and waited almost three hours. 

.Later they told us he said we should come back again, that he just resumed. While we were discussing this, the Hungarian ambassador walked in and I asked the minister’s personal assistant, ‘How can this man just walk in to see the minister and in our own country, we couldn’t see him’ and that was how his police aides started pushing me; one hit the back of my head with the butt of his rifle and my back and I just collapsed.”

Contrary to the claims of Bash Ali, the Director of Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Sports, Tolu Makinde, said: “The security had to politely take him away to allow the ambassador to enter; he just enacted a melodrama and feigned slumping. He said he would not stand up, so they took him to their clinic for observation and rest. 

He wasn’t manhandled, but they (policemen) had to ensure he gave the right of way to the ambassador. You know what would happen if the ambassador was molested.”