Being replaced is one activity no one likes even almost-there stars like Bayo Bankole, that you would best know as the first Boy Alinco in the WAP TV comedy drama -Papa Ajasco and company. The producer felt a need for a new cast and sent the previous into the unemployment market and they are yet to secure a gig as rewarding and buzz generating as WAP TV drama even after bragging about moving on to bigger and better offers. Bayo recently confessed things have been hard since he left the WAP set: “God has been faithful. It might not be as expected, but I know that with time, things will take care of itself.”

Bayo still doesn’t want to say he regrets been fired as he still prays for Wale Adenuga to call him back.“God knows best.“, he said. Yes, can you believe a character like his going church?

Here’s his take on his successor: “It’s either they see him over reacting or they see him down playing. But I had a good impression of him the first time I saw him.”

It doesn’t end there as He has big, big dreams: “I want to see myself on the top of a big movie dynasty. I want to sit on top of a conglomerate that deals with everything movie. I want to have the biggest studio”