Actress Anita Joseph has stirred the hornets nest with her latest love interest….. 22yr old Anambra born Odinaka Onigwe who is her friends boyfriend.

Odinaka was the boyfriend of Up and coming Actress Oyinye Obodoechina and things were fine between them even though Oyinye was thrown out of a set for flaunting her relationship with the young boy.

According to eye witness reports the producer of the movie where this fight occurred is Jospeh Okafor and he had a bitter fight on set with Anita and Odinaka.

”It started in Awka eight weeks ago when Oyinye that Anita had taken over her relationship with Odinaka

Joseph Okafor was introduced to Odinaka to start acting and earn a living and Oyinye and Odinaka met on one of Josephs set and though Joseph frowned at their dating,it didn’t stop them and they turned a blind eye to his warnings and Joseph threw both of them out of his movie because of their relationship.