Charming and elegant actress, Bukky Wright, will celebrate her birthday amid pomp and ceremony at White House Hotels, Ikeja, on Friday.

The black and white party, which will commence at 10 p.m. till dawn is expected to parade the creme-de-la-creme of the make-believe industry.

According to the organiser of the party, Seun Oloketuyi, virtually all the big names in the entertainment industry have committed themselves to honouring the actress on the day.

The Best of Nollywood magazine publisher noted that it became imperative to celebrate the actress because of her immense contribution to the growth of the movie industry.

“It’s like a pay back time for her. This is one actress that has not only been doing her job diligently, she has also been a reliable role model in the society. A lot of young people actually look up to her.

“It is always good to celebrate our stars when they are still alive; so, that is why we’ve made it a point of duty to celebrate our stars one after the other,” Oloketuyi rapped.

Speaking on the much expected event, the highly elated Bukky Wright said it is one of the days she has been looking forward to in her career.

“It is a thing of joy and one of the days I have been looking forward to. And above all, I thank God that I have no regrets at all,” she noted.