Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer, Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy, has acquired a new Lamborghini 2022 model.

The singer announced this on his Instagram story on Wednesday night.

Sharing pictures of the new car, Burna Boy said, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Damini. God loves you, your family loves you and I love you. You don’t have nothing else.

“2022 Novitec edition. Newest member of the Lamborghini family.”

Uploading a video of himself driving his Ferrari, the singer wrote, “Practicing for my new baby with my 458. Lewis Hamilton, look out for me. I’m coming.”

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has said that he has paid his dues to get to where he is now in terms of getting global recognition especially in the United States of America.

Speaking to CNN in an exclusive interview, Burna Boy indicated that his brand became sought after in the US because he did not use short cuts but followed the right procedure.

According to the Grammy award winner, he worked hard by performing from small events to the big ones in the US before he became popular in the US and getting the recognition he is currently enjoying.

“No shortcuts. I did. I’ve done pretty much every venue there is to do in America. You understand? I don’t think there is any venue you go to and you wouldn’t see my name somewhere You understand? That’s any venue that matters. And you know from the smallest to the biggest.

So it’s almost like when you plant something and you water it… And you already know it’s going to grow and you are going to get the fruits and stuff, you understand? So for me it’s just been that and you know… I’m glad to see that everybody is now following and saying that that’s the right way to go and now doing the same thing. I love the process. You understand? For me it’s like the more the process requires, the more stories I have to tell, you know. It’s all a blessing at the end of the day.

Reacting to his interview, an Instagram user identified as paulayimien wrote; “Man you correct in everything you said but you saying you fill every venue that isn’t true USA is very big even in Nigeria you haven’t filled all venue ???”

Another user oladolapo wrote; “Dude got popular in America when he release ye sametime Kanye release ye, ppl mistakenly ended up downloading burna’s ye instead.”