Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has blasted Davido’s signee, Logos Olori, for accusing him of using songwriters.

In a recent interview, the DMW signee claimed that Wizkid, Burna Boy and other big artists use songwriters, defending his boss Davido from online trolls.

He said, “Most people that shame artists for using songwriters don’t know much about the music business. As a musician you tend to write your songs most times when you are up-and-coming. When you’ve 10 shows in a week in different countries, you’ll understand that you need a songwriter.

“Chris Brown has a songwriter, Michael Jackson had a songwriter. Davido is currently on tour immediately after his wedding. He writes his songs sometimes but most times he has to do the business part of it. That’s how Burna Boy is, that’s how most artists are even Wizkid but they don’t just put it out there but if you go to Spotify to check for the credits of their songs, you will see that they use songwriters as well.”

However, Burna Boy, in a reaction posted on his handle denied Logos Olori’s claim.

He clarified that those credited as songwriters on his songs are the producers due to western music policies.

He wrote, “Any name you see credited on my songs are only producers of the songs or featured artists not writers. But for some reason the western world considers producers as writers of the instrumentals and they just throw their names on there as writers. Nobody fit write for Odogwu.”

This contradicts Burna Boy’s public admission a few years back that Davido’s signee, Peruzzi, wrote a song for him.

He claimed back then that Peruzzi was the only songwriter he has ever used.