Once upon a time gospel music queen Busola Oke, is set to make a comeback into the Nigerian music industry after a long hiatus.

Her comeback has a unique twist which is the fact that she does not want to be called a gospel singer any more. “I am releasing a double album soon, one cross over and one full gospel music.”Inasmuch as she is widely known as a gospel singer, Busola said she would rather be called “an inspirational singer.”

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“That is what I want to prove to people. I love praising God. But that doesn’t make me a gospel singer. I can sing at weddings, I can sing anywhere. I do not have any problem with singing as long as I am making an impact and imparting on lives. I am first of all, a singer. I can sing all songs. Gospel is good news and I am preaching to people through all the songs I sing,”

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On why she was off for a long time she said “I have been away for a long time. I am married to somebody who doesn’t stay in Nigeria. I had to stay with my family to take care of the kids.

My husband understands that my music has been affected for a while because of this break. I have handed everything over to God. Now I am back and it is for good. I have relocated finally to Nigeria and I am ready to face my music. I will just be going abroad during vacations,” she said.