Patronizing prostitutes sure has it advantages and also disadvantages. For the purpose of this story however, we want to concentrate on the disadvantages.

And one of them is what just happened to an Island big boy who shares the same first name with the late pop star who made his name as a ‘Thriller’. The guy’s surname is Williamson and he lives inside VGC, in Lekki, Lagos.

Just days ago, he took a prostitute home after striking a deal with her at the club. But after so much drink, cigarettes and sex, he dozed off. And as fate would have it, the call girl mistakenly stumbled on N2.5 million which he had stacked somewhere in the house. Stealthily, she wore her clothes, tip-toed out of the room and disappeared with the money.

The lover boy woke up hours later to discover that not only was his partner gone, she also disappeared with his money – which we learnt was the rent from one of his tenants in that axis.

He tried shifting blames, by accusing his security guard of not alerting him when the girl was taking her exit – and the Aboki asked whether he had ever advised him against allowing his many women who frequent the house free entry and exit.

Angrily, he dressed up, jumped into his car and drove straight to the club where he had picked up the girl. It was while making enquiries and lamenting that what happened in the dark become public knowledge.

The call girl, as at time of writing this, hadn’t been found. ‘Meanwhile, the randy gentleman hasn’t been courageous and bold enough to report the matter to the police’, our source concluded mischievously.

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