PMB’s idea was put to an abrupt end when Kallywood rejected his offer to invest in their industry.

 That amount is a huge sum enough to change the face of an industry if well utilized.

 Have you heard of Callywood?  This is the movie industry for Cross River state and its been run by Egor Efiok  who is the producer of the popular film, Hollywood Meets Nollywood.

 The entertainer is now urging the government to think about Callywood as they would gladly accept his offer if he invests in the industry.

 Nigerian movie industry has contributed greatly in the growth of the country, and it’s only wise enough to invest in the industry.

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 Although many might not be too conversant about the name ‘Callywood’ but their own world they have been doing exploit.

 Producers spends huge sum of amount to produce movies but are unable to have returns of what they spent how much more profits, which has caused many to opt for the option of establishing other businesses.

 Recently, the Yoruba movie sector cried for help indulging the government to wade into the many issue Nollywood is facing as poverty seems to be creeping into industry, but as celebrities some still hide in their shells living fake lives.

 Before these problems faced by Nollywood extents to other movie industry in the country like Callywood, the help of federal government is needed to make things better.

 We hope PMB listens to the plight of the people and transform Callywood to another level. Let’s support the hard work and effort of this thespians, it’s worth it.