Nigerian Nollywood veteran Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw popularly referred to as Kate Henshaw is of doubt that the Lagos State which is popularly called the Economy capital of West Africa.

The Lagos state governor, Gov. Akinwumi Ambode brought out a new scheme which he believed will bring the state to a new level of environment friendly nature by eradicating wastes that are loitered around the streets.

The Governor had dissolved the inherited waste management scheme used by the previous Administration and brought up a new scheme which he believed will do the work better.

But questions have been asked by the citizens after some streets and major roads have been left in bad state, filled with much more waste. It was even reported that the new waste management scheme are selective on the houses the collected waste from and as such the inmates are forced to go dispose their waste on the roads.

The photos Kate shared captured a roadside filled with an incredible amount of waste which the Government has been saying they are able to make Lagos clean again.

This made the actress ask this simple question, “can Lagos be clean again”.

Nobody will want to ascertain that Lagos can be clean again from this photo Kate shared.