Nigerian singer-songwriter cum actress, Muma Gee who was accused of marital infidelity and for abandoning her children has asked a very vital question in respect to what she loves to do.

During a media interview she revealed that music has been her passion and she feels so fulfilled whenever she is performing and living out her dream as a musician.

Muma noted that music has been part of her life and will continue to be no wonder she asked, “Music is my life; can one live life away from his or her life? No.

Recall that her actor husband had on Thursday called out his musician wife on Instagram, saying she left for Abuja, abandoning him alone to cater for their three children and all she does is hang out at night clubs with different men.

She added that as a purpose driven woman, who God has given grace with divine responsibility through womanhood that she must ensure that she fulfills her destiny doing music too.

Speaking about how she manages the homefront, she said “I am a great woman and I wasn’t born abroad. I was born in a hospital in Rivers State. I’m not one of those who travel abroad and spend a lot of money to deliver their babies.I have told myself I will deliver in Nigeria and the children and I will all succeed here. I am excited. I am very happy and thankful to God Almighty. Words are not enough to express my feelings. I didn’t believe I was going to have twins. We thank God.