Will you agree that ladies spend more on clothing than guys? In fact, a lady is ready to spend more on fashion than feeding because they tend to care more about the outside than their stomach and they will always ask for the remaining part of the material after the design has been made.

The men can easily dress in whatever comes into their mind but the lady will always want to change her outfit each time and will gladly want to feel among especially if he friends are from the wealthy home.

Well, one of such fashion lover is Ghanaian TV host and actress, Selorm Galley Fiawoo, who wowed her fans and friends with a breath taking outfit.

Like some of her fans said, her dressing has always been what has been making her win Best dressed female celebrity in Ghana and from the looks, you will agree that she is a slayer.
But she can’t wear this to trek on Nigerian roads o.

selly1 (1).png

selly1 (2).png

selly1 (3).png