Comedian and actor, Alibaba, has stated that gullible celebrities spend their fortune trying to meet the expectation of others without saving for the rainy day. Born Atunyota Akpobome, Alibaba took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that he in support of loud ostentatious lifestyles and luxury displays of fortune.

Writing about the pains of fame on his Instagram page on Thursday, he said: ”As a celebrity, one is on a constant battle because there is usually a delicate, and often unbalanced expectation, of reality and perception. The no hiding place for gold fish is true in form and the expected glass like life is a given.

Think about it, while the life of a celebrity (or any popular person), if you may, is scrutinized by many for specs and logs, for a few, it is a source of inspiration for others. That’s the dilemma. While trying to live your life to reflect how you always wanted and worked hard to achieve, someone somewhere is asking and questioning why you are living that kind of life when there are so many who do not have the privilege to lead that kind of life.

“I am not in defence of loud ostentatious lifestyles and luxury displays of fortune. I am talking about a moderate celebrity who lives well because fortune lifted him or her above average life. Sometime last week, I saw a story about how some people queried, no, mocked a celebrity for driving a car they considered beneath his status.

“They expected more. He was living below their own standards. And their expected standards, was for the celebrity to be rolling in a 2018 Range Rover, instead of the 2008 (sic?) one he drove.

A celebrity wears a favourite shoe twice in a space of 3 months, and the status mongers jump on the pictures and pair them, side by side. Yes. There you go!!! Proof that the celebrity is in financial dire straits. So the celebrity, the gullible ones, get pressured into spending fortunes on meeting those expectations and without an umbrella in the rainy days,”he said.

The 53-year-old recently stated that after civil service, the entertainment sector is next largest employer of labour in the country.

He said if Nigeria harness the potentials we have in the entertainment sector it will solve the unemployment issues in the country.

“The entertainment sector, in Nigeria, with the abundant talent he has heard of and come in contact with, if Nigeria harnessed the potentials we have, over 80% of our unemployment issues will be solved,” he wrote.