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When the petite and pretty Yoruba screen goddess,Lizzy Anjorin announced that she has a 9 years old daughter from a youthful affair, many people were surprised and wondered why she had kept the identity and knowledge of the girl hidden all these years. The story which was actually broken by Lizzy herself in an interview, told how she got pregnant for her school boyfriend back in the days and how her mother and the guy’s parents urged her to keep the baby. The revelation of the girl came in the interview when the interviewer brought up her continuous fight with fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo on who is older between them with Lizzy maintaining that she is older than Iyabo. When reminded that Iyabo Ojo is a mother of two children; a ten year old boy and a girl who is seven, Lizzy was quick to answer that she is actually a mother of a nine year old girl. Some people in the showbiz industry are of the view that if not for question on the supremacy war between her and Iyabo Ojo, Lizzy would not have mentioned that she had a daughter because she has been around in the industry for a while and has never mentioned it to anyone, even her close friends. In the interview, Lizzy claimed she had the girl while still at the College of Education and that the father died when the girl was about three months old. She went further to justify her having the girl even while in school the reason being that she is an only child and that her parents had her in their old age and as such, they wanted her to keep the baby.
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