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When it comes to genuine relationships, human beings are like big cats in the jungle that fight to protect their territories. In the matters of love, human beings can be very brutal when he senses an intruder and that was what reportedly happened to an up and coming actress in Nollywood who gave a stern warning to one of her colleagues trying to eat from the same plate with her. According to the gist, a budding actress, Nicole Barna approached her colleague named Annie, who was secretly seeing her man, Solomon Apete. It was scooped that Solomon, fondly called Solo Amaco in Nollywood, only dumped his former girlfriend named Ngozi, a costumier, few months ago. READ ALSO:Senate probes Plateau killings, DHQ absolves soldiers His relationship with Nicole is still fresh, but as we heard, the new ‘madam’ does not want anybody to taste her man’s ‘sweet banana’. It is being said that she is stingy about it and would not want any other person to go near Solomon. Though some people do not blame her, but Solo, who they say deserves the kind of ‘chew gum marking’ Nicole is giving him. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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