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African China, whose real name is Chinagorom Onuoha, ruled the music scene some years back with his music which was centred on happenings in the society. But afterwards, he fizzled out of the game, but African China seems to have bounced back. He disclosed that the past political activities in the country have inspired him to try his hands at music again. Speaking with The Nation, he said, “Change is here now. Someone tried four times before winning, and he has won. So I want to try again. African China has been a hit maker. There is need for fresh ideas. Also, there has to be a time when you have to give chance to up and coming ones. That is what I did. "There is no champion forever. You can only remain there, but you cannot be there forever. I have made history a couple of times over the years, so it is time for other to make theirs too.”
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