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Nollywood actress, Ginika Maureen is known for her various [email protected] roles in movies and since joining the industry, she has not had it smooth with her family members, who have constantly frowned at her roles in films. Ginika disclosed that this has put her in bad light and that some people have even started seeing her as a [email protected] But if you think she likes exposing her body, then you are wrong because she said, “Acting has made me to expose my body often and normally I don’t expose my body all that.” In all of these, Ginaka wants to stay scandal free in the rough industry. Hear what she told Vanguard, “I don’t want to have a bad name in the industry. Yes, it’s acting, but most people don’t see it as acting, they see it as the real you and there’s nothing you tell them that would make them believe that it’s just acting.”
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