Last week, former queen of Aso, Florence Esu, was proposed marriage to by Dr Bright Echenfu, but this has landed her into trouble. This is because friends and family members of her lover’s late wife, Cindy Nzeribe, are not happy with Florence and the man who begged her to marry him. As the story goes, it was only in July 2015 that Cindy died and was buried in August. They cannot understand why Florence, who they said was a friend of the deceased, would accept to take over from where her friend left off. To them, this is total betrayal not only on Florence’s side, but on Dr Echenfu, who is the CEO of Bricke Athens. Florence’s action has sparked a war on social media with some raining curses on the newly engaged lovers. Dr Echenfu was reported to have claimed that he proposed marriage to his late wife’s friend because of his kids. In fact, some are insinuating that she was waiting to snatch the Dr from her husband, but only got a good avenue to carry out her action, which we do not believe to at all. your social media marketing partner