Popular Nigerian entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani’s fiancé, Kensington Womadi better known as Lord Trigg, got many wondering if all was well between him and his lover after he had shared a picture of a new born baby’s hand being held on his social media page. According to the caption he gave the picture, he explained that he has maintained a low profile for the baby as the baby girl finally arrived safely which makes her lordmaine’s sister. Lordmaine is the nickname of his son with Toyin, Jermaine Oluwatenor Kensington Womadi. In his words, “Waited on the low all these while. Welcome to d world sexy,” he captioned the photo of a newborn’s hand, and added, “blessed 2, God loves me. Lord maine’s Sister.” Seeing that it might cause uproar in the various blogosphere, Lord Trigg, immediately removed the picture while claiming that he does not have any other child apart from his son and Toyin who is his only woman. According to him, “Laughs, this SHI** is so funny, I really don't see yall posts but ma Hommie couldn't help but show me this one... MAINE IS MY ONLY KID and ain't got no baby mama, I got partner (Toyin). So stop misinterpreting shi***. I got my own way of captioning stuffs.”
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