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Former wife of popular singer, 9ice, Toni Payne, has disclosed that if she would marry a man that has been married before with children, then his former marriage must have been dissolved by a court. According to her, she would take care of his kids like hers. The artiste manager said if she is given an option to choose between being a single mother or being in a polygamous home, she would take the former. In her words, “No matter how fake some women are, don't be fooled, women are naturally jealous creatures. We don't share with an open heart so why pretend. If I met a man with children or a previous wife, I will make sure he is 100% legally divorced before accepting to date him. “If we do decide to take it further, I'll make sure he draws very clear lines so there is no confusion and help raise his kids as mine. “Some use religion as excuse, some use culture. It doesn't change the fact that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam, Eve, Silifa and Ngozi. My personal belief is that polygamy is a selfish act carried out by insecure men who don't know what they want and wish to have their cake too. “If I was given the option to choose single parenthood or polygamy, I would easily choose single parenthood. I love peace, no time for drama. Anyhow, that's my way sha. I know who I am, I'm too passionate to share husband legally but I can love a man enough to love his kids 200%. “iranu, abasha. Nothing in this life surpasses peace of mind and genuine happiness. Absolutely nothing!! When you are giving each other back rub, how does it work sef? The other one goes in her room to wait her turn? Or he hops house to house? At the end of the day, you gotta know what you can or can't accept, don't live an unhappy life just to please someone who would ask you to share. Laughs, what happens on special occasions? We will now be doing anko up and down? ko jor, laughs.”
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