Popular music producer, Don Jazzy, has revealed that he derives satisfaction when he helps people from the scratch. The Music Producer said there was nothing more satisfying than that, “Life to me is very simple. What gives me joy is bringing people up from scratch. "I like to see people grow from baby steps gradually into a mega superstar like my brother Korede Bello. I love doing that and there is nothing that can stop me from doing things like that,” he said. The 'Dorubucci' producer added that he is always happy to help people achieve their dreams, "I find joy in impacting into people’s lives so they can in turn do the same to other people and become pride to their own families like I am to my own family. "so it keeps me going and I still have the drive, I still have the passion and I am glad that Journey Walker saw that in me which makes me glad to be a part of the Joy campaign," he told Nation newspaper. Don Jazzy joins the likes of Formula One World Champion and McLaren Honda driver, Jenson Button, Oscar-nominated actor, Jude Law, Chinese actor Zhao Wei, US alt-rock band OK Go and Mexican supermodel Montserrat Oliver as ambassadors in the Scotch whisky brand, 'Johnny Walker'.
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