I am a very reserved person and would never believe that I would partner with someone like that in the complete lime light of stardom.But it is her spirit,her resilience amongst others that made me choose her. You need someone like that who is neither petty nor thinks superficially. You need some who has a teachable spirit in business or other things in a relationship;someone who could listen and be listened to.Those little things matter a lot. I have done a lot things that people didn’t know more until my relationship with Stephanie who is a star so the oil smears me as well.Whenever she is written about,I am also involved because I am her companion.But I know that if one is making progress,stories are written because a search light is on you permanently. People want to read them.But I will not sit down and begin to think about all those things .I want to do things that you as a journalist will sit down and say’this is good thinking’ Click the link below to go to... STEPHANIE OKEREKE'S FRENCH ODYSSEY First Photos from Stephanie Okereke’s France Wedding More Pictures From Stephanie Okereke's Wedding ‘She’s not on my level’ -Stephanie Okereke’s ex-hubby speaks
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