9ice refuses to clear the rumour of Ruggedman’s alleged intimate relationship with Toni Payne because he believe it sells him records. 9ice’s ‘once bitten once twice’ track on his ‘Tradition‘ album had him singing about his lady giving his friend ‘nodding’ [blowjob/fellatio] which was speculated to be directed at Toni Payne, his ex wife and his friend, ruggedman. Ruggedman and Toni Payne have been pushing that 9ice should issue a statement but he refuses to even after pressure by Toni Payne. Ruggedman put a call across to him and recorded the conversation. ‘Such thing has never happen between by wife [Toni Payne] and Ruggedman’ 9ice said in the phone conversation. After insistence by Ruggedman, 9ice said ‘Release your album, sell your sh*t and don’t give a f*ck what they say about it‘. “I called 9ice to talk about it and clear it up and he said so many things including that he will not come out and clear my name that has been dragged into a maliscous rumour. I did not want to believe that 9ice has refused to clear it up because it is helping his album sales like some people have said.I did not want to believe it but I am happy i recorded the conversation and I want you all to hear for urselves what he said to me so that this rumour can stop once and for all.” Ruggedman wrote. Below is the conversation between Ruggedman and 9ice about the 'Nodding' controversy as recoded by Ruggedman Here it is... Ruggedman: Hello 9ice, Rugged ni. 9ice: Okay Ruggedman: You dey Lagos abi you outside Lagos? 9ice: I dey Lagos. Ruggedman: Abeg I just wan hear from you. This your song, Once bitten twice shy, is it actually about Toni Payne? 9ice: What kind of a question is that? Ruggedman:...because go my Facebook wall and see wetin people dey write. Dem dey assume say na me and she you dey talk about. 9ice: Which kind talk be that? Me and you get problem? Why you sef go concede to ask me that kind question? You sef f**k up. Ruggedman: I write for Toni Payne wall and people say I suppose call you and ask you. So that's why I dey call you now. I no say no be me, but I wan hear from you. 9ice: Okay, that kind thing don happen between me and you before? Ruggedman: No. 9ice: So why you dey follow public say them talk say? You don pass this level na. Ruggedman: I need you to confirm. 9ice: Rugged, that kind thing don happen between me and you before? Or you hear say 9ice talk say? Leave all these motherf**king press people na. Why you dey follow dem talk? Ruggedman: No be press dey talk. 9ice: Ehen, so leave them na. Ruggedman: No be press dey talk, na people 9ice: Rugged, anybody wey talk, bring them make them come follow me talk. Whether them dey there when I talk am. All those things na bullsh**t now. Na people just dey make am up. All those things na make up. Ruggedman: I write for facebook say as long as 9ice no talk, as long as Toni no talk... 9ice: Abi I call you say Rugged you do this thing? Which kind rubbish be that? Ruggedman:The reason I dey call you, I been want make even if nah through your publicist, just tell them say look people, I only sang a song, I didn't talk about Toni Payne or Rugged or anybody. 9ice: No mind them jare. Ruggedman:If I keep quiet about this, some people say being quiet is guilty. If I talk, dem go say I dey try defend myself. 9ice: Exactly. Ruggedman: Even my momsie (Mum) dey talk say why 9ice no just come out say no, no be so o 9ice: No mind them jare. Thi is 2010 abeg, me I no get too much things to talk abeg. For me personally, what i got to tell the public, I have told them. I am separate with my wife, and that's it. Ruggedman: We no dey talk about you separation... 9ice: No, why I talk about am be say that na the only thing wey I owe the public. To come dey talk say someone is sleeping with someone... Ruggedman: Now the issue be say you song, Once Bitter Twice Shy, people dey assume say na me and a lot of people are bugging me about it. I want you to talk so that I know that I have cleared this thing. 9ice: Ok now Rugged, from me to you now, read my lips ho ha, it is not Rugged that I am talking to, and such things have never transpired between Ruggedman and my wife. Allow the public to say whatever they want to say, we are not people, we are stars and as stars, people will talk about us, do you understand? But from me to you, that thing has never happened. Ruggedman: Thank you. 9ice: So me going out and talking about it sef is rubbish. Ruggedman: I just need one favour so all this bullshit can stop. Your album is out, it's out. I know what I am working on. I know the kind of calls wey I dey receive. When I heard about it, I did a press release and just said, guys shut up, leave all this alone. 9ice sang a song, he didn't mention anybody's name, so why are people putting me or putting his wife? So, the only favour I ask you as a friend, if na through your publicist, just say look, I sang a song about maybe past experience or something, not about Toni Payne, or Rugged, please leave them alone, finish. 9ice: I won't do that because I no go do am. I no get time. Ruggedman: Oh so you prefer make people dey talk about me and Toni Payne in that light? 9ice: Rugged, Rugged, at this stage of my career, me I don pass that level. Na something wey I go fit do for 2001. Me I want make you put yourself for that level. Release your album and make your money. Don't give f**k about what anybody says. Na today dem dey talk about you? Do you understand what I am saying? So, why it is now that they talk about you that has to do with me that you are calling me? Rugged what if i know dey around? If they talk about you, the best thing you can do is go all out and clear yourself. Me I dey tell you now say nothing like that happen. What if I write another song like that again tomorrow about the same thing, I would have to clear myself again? What for? It's just a song. *** My only question is; did 9ice know the conversation was being recorded? And what da hell does 'Nodding' mean? :-)
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