The divorce paper is already in black and white and both Alec Godwin and his ex-wife, Kefee, have moved on. In the meantime, Kefee has won many awards for her music, with Alec still being Alec. But no matter what, one tale or the other still raises its head where these singers are concerned. The latest story in town is that the popular Lagos man of God, Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock has ordered Alec to go back to his wife. Alec, it seems, is not finding the story funny as he told Life and Beat that nothing like that ever happened. Alec said “There is a programme in the church on marriage and stuff like that, which I attended. It was sort of a question and answer session. I asked a question about moving on after a divorce. I told him I was having so much pressure from people to remarry, but I wanted to take my time in order not to make another mistake.” Alec said the pastor agreed with him, but told him to prayerfully make a decision. “He doesn’t even know who I am. I didn’t introduce myself at the session. He just looked at me and said it is sad that a young guy like me is already divorced. He said the church doesn’t support divorce because God hates it but he knows that there are some terrible cases,” Alec told Life and Beat. He added that the pastor told him to forgive anybody who wronged him and should even accept the blame. “That is all. He wished me luck and said God would be with me. He never asked me to go back to my ex. I don’t know where all these stories are coming from. I have moved on with my life,” Alec added. your social media marketing partner