They call themselves gospel artistes and messengers of the good faith, but indeed, they are not living up to standard of what they proclaim to be representing. They cut across the male and the female gender. What prompted to write about this is their lifestyles, mode of dressing and societal behaviours. This set of guys refused to follow the footsteps of the likes of Pastors Adelakun of the Ayewa fame, Ojo Ade, Sola Rotimi, Rosemary Chukwu, Kunle Ajayi, Funmi Aragbaiye, Bola Are and many others. Below is the list of these set of people. Excerpts. YINKA AYEFELE The Gospel Tungba king is surely one man whose sojourn in the gospel music world can never be defined. He has released numerous monster albums that have ruled the airwaves across the country and he has also won several awards locally and internationally. Yinka, for sure fits into the level of those that used gospel music to invade the musical industry. He is known for many worldly utterances in his songs and today, he is one of the richest singers in the country. Ayefele is also to have been alleged by one Erelu Agbaiye as a confirmed ritual man to the core. He was reported to have used his spinal cord as exchange for his musical wealth. LANRE TERIBA Atorishe is his most popular name due to the success of his old album with the same name. Teriba, a very successful musician is another guy that conveniently ranks in the level of fake gospel musicians. He has been linked with several dirty tales in the past ranging from financial deals with numerous streetwise guys in the country and his many other deals with women. Lanre has been linked with various fuji artistes who are known to be involved various atrocities and he sings praises of dubious guys like MC Olu Omo, Arnold of NAHCO, Akanni Olorunwa, Alahji Tokyo and many others. Atorishe is also alleged to be a confirmed lover of bleaching cream. Check out his hands and legs and you would confirm this story. He is also said to be a very stingy star who could not in any way dole out a kobo for his fans. He is also said to have recently launched a N50million worth of musical instrument. So one wonders how could a so-called gospel artiste gets such huge amount. TOPE ALABI If there is any lady that I found difficult to add to this list, it no one else than Mrs. Tope Alabi. The very sonorous voiced singer would be surprise addition to this list. She is of course perceived by the general public as a genuine gospel artiste, but let me tell you for free that Sister Tope is a core businesswoman who only ventured into the gospel arena for money. How do I mean? You may ask, the Amazing Grace crooner, who has been involved in many voice over tracks for many movies once introduced a worldly looking man as her spiritual godfather. You need to see this so called pastor who looks like an artificial pawpaw after the usage of several bleaching creams. So one wonders how on earth would Tope claim to be a genuine gospel artiste. SEYI ALAPANLA Seyi ventured into the gospel world almost 10 years ago and surely he has made a solid impact. Seyi is one gospel artiste who knows the rudiments of the industry. But one thing that baffled his fans is his knack for not women and booze, but his involvement in secret cultism. In fact, he’s nothing close to God’s work let alone be referred as Gospel singer. AJOGBAJESU TWINS They call themselves twins but I wonder what is identical about the duo. But, anyway that is not our own business. It is a clear fact that these two friends who use to be back up singers for Adegbodu twins before Yinka Ayefele broke them up. This “twins” are reported to be involved in many controversies. They are said to love anything in skirt to a fault and also go about drinking anything in bottles. Though they are making impact in the gospel world, but one wonders if they are real gospel artistes. GLORIA DOYLE Looking at the lifestyle of this woman makes one wonders how on earth she would claim to be a gospel artiste. Doyle, whose dress sense is nothing but wacky has been linked with several controversies surrounding her personality. She has been involved in crisis with busty actresses like Cossy Orjiakor, Uche Ogbodo and many others. EASY LIZZY She was born and bred by a pastor father and groomed in the way of the Lord. But her steps are not portraying the ways she lives her life. She has been romatically linked with several guys including those that are perceived as streetwise guys. For now, is still researching on her issues and we shall keep updating you on this. FEMI OPALEMO The self-acclaimed king of gospel music is another man that conveniently falls into this category. He is rumoured to be involved in many atrocities including drinking, smoking and womanizing. Opalemo, who was in a tango with Yinka Ayefele sometimes a99, is said not to be worthy of calling himself a king of gospel music. ADUKE PENKELE Aduke Penkele also falls into the category of fake gospel artistes. . gathered that the singer is said to have a high sexual libido. She was rumoured to have had a brawl with her former manager who revealed her many secrets. Aduke is also an artiste who loves singing the praises of many dubious in the society. MEGA 99 Gabriel Dosumu aka Mega 99 is another guy that falls in this list. He is sure not suppose to claim to be a gospel artiste. He loves praising people and he has been ranked by his numerous fans as a juju artiste. Gabriel is also said to be involved in many dirty doings. is sure that the Weep Not crooner would not be surprised that his name is included in this list your social media marketing partner