Pastor Paul Toun, General Overseer, Evangel Pentecostal Church, Okota, Lagos Based on the reports published in the newspapers, if it is true that the man in question at any point is legally married to this woman in a court, in addition to the marriage, they were blessed with two kids and the marriage has not been dissolved by any person, based on scriptural authority and the laws of the land, no church, no Christian should wed them. The only church that will wed them is ignoring the fact. If these claims are true, the church that weds them will destroy itself; the reputation of the church would be put to shame because they are disobedient and in disregard of the scripture and also the laws of the land. Looking at it from the scriptural basis, divorce in itself is not permitted. God never intended divorce. If you also go to the scripture like Malachi 2 Vs 14, God says that marriage is a covenant and covenant is not a contract - contract can be broken, covenant is eternal because God is eternal; just because husband and wife has a quarrel is not an excuse for divorce. If they both want to rush into the marriage, the only thing they can do is traditional wedding. Even if they do that it is still illegal... So, I don’t think Mercy Johnson is getting married on the said date. However, if the facts are right that the other woman and the man were previously just co-habiting, there is nothing to stop the man’s marriage to Mercy Johnson. Rev. Michael Samuel Evans, Pastor, Potters House, Texas, US Marriage is of God and the devil is always against it. My question is; are these people born again? If they are not born again, I don’t think any church should join them in the first place because people who are born again and also have the fear of God will not venture into such an act. It is a shame these days that people go into a union without knowing each other well. For the actress, I just feel she should do her findings well before she goes into the wedding, otherwise, it would get messier. Apostle Anselm Madubuko, General Overseer, Revival Assembly Church Actress Mercy Johnson should pray before going on to wed the man. Marriage is a strong institution that can never be rushed into. She should seek for counseling now before the matter gets messier. Olumide Emmanuel, Senior Pastor, Calvary Bible Lovely’s allegation is a serious one that should not be ignored but verified. Are they separated or divorced? My advice for Mercy will be to investigate before investing her life, because in marriage love is not enough and she should not allow her emotion overrules her sense of reasoning. If the man is legally divorced and she is sure with evidences, then that will be a different issue. If the foundation of her marriage is already generating this kind of controversy, she should look before leaping and be sure she has divine approval to go on. Pastor Olusola Fabunmi, New York I read somewhere on the Internet that the marriage with Lovely and the man, Odion had broken down years before now. And that was why he relocated to Nigeria while the lady relocated to Canada from Italy. If truly they are still married, do you think they could be so separated for a long time? Also, from my observations on how Nigerian ladies treat their spouses in Western countries, like US, UK, Canada and other European nations because of the laws there which, favour women above men could be so ridiculous. So, I think somewhere along the line, the man might have relocated to Nigeria out of frustrations. My experience as a pastor affords me the first hand information on how African ladies treat their spouses having relocated to these nations. However, I think Lovely is just out to spoil the guy’s happiness having discovered that he is about to marry a more popular and probably fancier lady than her. But only God knows the hidden truth. Having said all these, I would counsel the church to put the wedding on hold; invite the two parties and ask for evidences for their claims and counter claims and then make their decisions from that. If they are still married, let them present the evidence. If the marriage had been dissolved, let them present the evidence too. After all, the bible said we should search all things and hold on to that which is the truth. This is my opinion. Putting the wedding on hold for a week and inviting the parties to present all evidences to their claims won’t hurt anyone and will afford them the opportunity to prove their claims beyond any reasonable doubts or not. Princess Anne Inyang, Praise and Worship pastor My candid opinion is that if the guy did not tell Mercy Johnson before now that he had been married before and that they were separated before he met her, then he was hiding it from her. If she is as surprised as anyone else, then she will be making the greatest mistake of her life if she still goes ahead to marry him because that means he was still legally married. Marriage is about trust and there is no proper love without trust. From the publications in the newspapers, it is evident that there was a marriage contract between Lovely and the guy. The bone of contention is whether they were still legally married when he met and proposed to Mercy or not. My advice to Mercy is that she should just cool off for now, she does not need negative vibes to start a marriage. Pastor Dennis Inyang, General Overseer, Sure Word Assembly If the Lady’s claim is true, that obviously invalidates Mercy’s plans to marry the same man. Under such circumstance, no church should accept to wed them. Pastor Ayo Owoborode, Pastor Christ Embassy. Ife, Osun State There are some questions that should be asked on this matter. I mean questions like; did the man separate or divorce the first woman? Because I know there is a difference between separation and divorce. And is Mercy aware of the man’s past relationship? How long has Mercy and the man been courting? Have they gone through marriage counseling class in the church they intend to wed? Have they sought the face of God about the union? I think if Mercy and the man can answer these questions, then we can have a way forward. If these questions are not answered properly, then no church should wed them. click the link below to go to... LOVELY OKOJIE REACTS TO PRINCE ODI'S INTERVIEW,HE IS A BIG LIAR. EXCLUSIVE! MERCY JOHNSON WEDDING PLANS SUFFERS SET BACK AS PRINCE ODIANOSEN'S WIFE SHOWS UP WITH KIDS. 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