Aituaje Iruobe better known as Waje in the entertainment industry, has said that she has no regret having a child out of wedlock. Waje said this during an interview where she spoke about her music career, journey to fame, and how she felt being a single mother. Her words,”When people ask the question how you feel as a single mother, I don’t get it because, regardless of the circumstances, a child is a blessing from God. Whether the father is there or not, a child is a huge blessing from God. So, when people ask how I feel as a single mother, I don’t understand. Do they expect me to regret being a single mother? “I don’t regret my past. If you see my daughter, you know I have no regrets. This is the picture of my daughter(she scrolls through her phone to the point where her daughter is). Is she not worthy to be called my daughter? In fact, if you have this type of daughter, you would feel so fantastic to be a single mother,” she averred. your social media marketing partner