Controversial singer Maheeda, who has become so popular by posting of her unclad pictures and controversial tweets, the singer shared pictures of herself, alongside her daughter and narrates a story describing their struggles, as she marks her daughter’s 13th birthday. Here’s what she shared: “This picture always make tears come down my chin, she was 2years old here, I was living in the street I kept my baby with a friend so I can go look for money for us to survive, and my daughter was kicked out of my friends house, I had no where to keep her, I was begging for a place to stay so she can be safe and sleep , so I started crying and she said to me mummy I will buy you chocolate don’t cry ok? that even made me cry the more … I managed to knock on a rich guy’s gate and beg for help and because of the baby he gave me a room and a nanny so I can work in one of his restaurants, I managed, I did all I could to give my daughter a good life, it was a long story but today she is schooling in one of the best schools in Europe ! And she was 13years old few days ago! I’m Still hustling hard till she gets to university ! No time! I’m happy she is alive and doing great!” your social media marketing partner