No one dare steps on the foot on Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar and goes free as she will be ever ready to attack immediately or correct a person’s grammar blunder anyday, anytime, anywhere. Recently, the actress was out going through the internet and stumbled upon the picture of US celebrity Kim Kardashian about stepping into her car when her bodyguard seems to be saying something to her. Well, Halima who saw the picture has being funny, post the picture on her page with the caption; “lol Kim forgot north in the hotel lwkmd…How can you forget your child? Is it possible? Mother answer me please, I love her though. Shit, is funny.” As expected, fans began commenting and giving their response but it did not end well as two of her fans get her angry by attacking her wrongly about the post. Here is how the fight started; Eviedora: How did you know that she forgot the child…..or you are just making fun of her….. Eviedora: and please guys elaborate what you mean by she is selfish…. Do you even know the word selfish…… Halimabubakar: have u seen me posts about people? or you just want to talk? @eviedora y should I mock her miss busy body? oya go read cc @shaderoom thx Halimabubakar: cc @theshaderoom read, Google, don't be ignorant with pettiness Eviedora: every article u see and read on google is right?....and no am not talking am typing....also never seen u post about other people on ur page so I think u should stick to that...only post what u are 80-100% sure about....u can delete me after this post... The war of words did not just end between these two Eviedora and Halima as another fan had to join to trade words with actress. Ufloo: I thought it was only illiterates and ignorant people that would believe this story but I can see that ppl just don't have common sense. So she stops in front of the door and the bodyguard said it was here or it is clear. That means she forgot north? Woww. The sad part is that even you who started off taking nudes and your stint in park view estate years ago still has mouth to bash kim West. Please focus on wearing your hideous wigs and exposing your bloated stomach instead of talking about someone that will buy your entire generation Halimabubakar: who stay in park [email protected] u stupid for dz senseless posterior is yabbn Kim?do u serve God?cos u need to focus on ur sef. and be gone Halimabubakar: babe dat is a handle not Google @eviedora watch.I asked a question not concluded,if u knw say,if not stay off ma page thxx lovinwa: @ufloo that was harsh! Haba! Halimabubakar: no allow him @lovinwa or her @ufloo madam hair seller, u comment on my posts, You have your reason for dis hate and hope it will enrich u today .muahhhh bless Well, a peace loving fan had to come in to settle the word lashing by advicing the actress learn to ignore what fans say just to avoid trading words with them. larbeekay: Seriously? I think u also need to start behaving like other celebs that do not reply their fans.this is one of the reasons why people call them snubs.u don't need to be replying every comment on ur post. replying such insultive comments put u in d same level with them. if u start doing that,u will avoid unnecessary [email protected] © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Egor Efiok Fumes Over RMD’s Ill-Health Rumour, Blasts Bloggers You Are Killing Yourselves With Make-ups--Ruggedman Warns Ladies Island-Based Artistes Snub Mainland Colleagues At Events--Olamide I Am In Love With Korede Bello—TVC Big Gal, Labi Olayori Nollywood Actress, Tamara Eteimo’s Message For Parents Toke Makinwa Says ‘Oprah Winfrey Is My Inspiration’ Aneke Twins Sizzle In New Pictures That Could Sweep Men Off Feet your social media marketing partner