While growing up, as a kid, parents will say there is no money for new cloths and one is left with no choice but to wear same cloths for different occasions. Sometimes, the kids have to repeat Christmas cloths and nobody would complain because the cloths would be very neat and nicely ironed to sooth the occasions. These days, thanks to the evolution of various vocations where one can get trained and latter earn a living for himself which will enable the choice of materials needed without any parents control. Nollywood actress, Liz Ajorin, has disclosed that despite her love for fashion, she cannot say if she can repeat same cloths on different occasions. Liz explained that though she has never done it, but can’t rule out the fact that some day, the money could be available to afford different cloths as possible but may not be able to tell what will happen the next day. She noted that as an actress, she is expected to have many clothes, shoes and bags, but her major love has been her fancy for jewelries which she said could sometimes be more expensive than the car being driven.
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