Veteran Nollywood personality, Adebayo Salami, famously known as Oga Bello, is the father of Yoruba movie star, Femi Adebayo, also known as a Jelili and both of them have acted in the same movies as well as acting in different flicks. Some of their teeming fans have wondered how both of them treat one another when acting on the same film, especially when Femi is required by the script to either slap his father or maltreat him. But the young Adebayo has said when it comes acting on a movie set, the biological bond between him and his father is lost, stressing that he sees his father as a professional colleague. "The father and son relationship ends the moment we are on set. We instantly become professional colleagues and have to creatively interpret our roles. That notwithstanding, I always have the confidence that whenever I am on location with him, the movie cannot be less qualitative. “This is because of his experience as an actor and the fact that I learn from him. Whenever we are on set, it is a different thing because acting is make belief and we have to make the viewer have a feel of reality. It is no more a father and son relationship but purely on professional basis. We have featured together in many movies such as Jelili, Alade Owala, Alapata, etc," Femi said. Femi is a graduate of Law from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. He was called to bar in 2003 and proceeded to obtain a Masters' degree in 2006, the same year he began his acting career. your social media marketing partner