Nollywood actor and media personality, Bob Manuel Udokwu, is a happy man today. He is celebrating his marriage to his beautiful wife, Casandra to whom he got married to in 2000. He extols her virtues as more than just a partner but as the foundation on which the marriage rest. He further acknowledged her patience in dealing with his many past sins. He said, "She is not only a home maker but a friend, lover, wife, mother, partner, adviser confidant and many more positive attributes rolled into one! We both determined to make our marriage work and show good example to those coming behind. We dialogue and show mutual respect to each other. We are grateful to God that in spite of all the challenges we often face, it’s been working wonderfully well for us." He prayed for those who are yet to marry using his marriage to his wife and mother of his two kids. "So rejoice with us as we use the success of our marriage as point of contact to ask God to mend all broken marriages and heal wounded hearts through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen! God bless your homes!!!" he wrote. your social media marketing partner